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Lura Yent

Lura Yent

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Stacy Yent

Lura Yent (Burns) Married in 1969 to James Walker Burns from Jacksonville, Florida.

Jim was in the Army when they married, he put in 26 years of service.  Jim served two tours to Vietnam, he flew Huey Helicopter Medivac.

Lura and Jim had two beautiful girls, the first born Blonde and Blue Eyes Kellie Burns Carney, she lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her son Robert (he is in his 2nd year of college) and her Partner for life Mike Green.

Kellie is a Chemist. She works for the Government at the Naval Base in Jacksonville.

The second born 4 years later Brunette and  Green Eyes Mary Lura Burns Sawyer,.  She lives in  Gunnison, Colorado with her family, husband Will, daughter Jameson (she graduates High School this May) sons Sam & Joe.  Mary Lura is an ER Nurse Practitioner, Will operates a Construction Company.

Lura was a stay at home (in many homes) Mom for 22 years, when Jim retired he stayed home and Lura went to work, In Port / Ex Port Agency, she loved her job and Co Workers.  Thru the years, Lura taught herself how to Sew, Cook, Decorate and Entertain, she was up there with Betty & Martha.  Lura was the Best Mother I have ever know.  Jim is “Father knows Best”, one of the Bestest.

Jim taught & trained Lura how to be a Military Wife, she took to it like she had already been a military wife in another life.

Jim was a wonderful husband and Lura’s very bestest friend. I am very sorry for those who did  not have the privilege knowing them.

Lura and Jim were Married 33 years When she passed June 30, 2002 from Cancer. It should have been me.  Lura is (and will always be) My Twin Sister.  We were connected thru a very special bond from birth, I feel we still are. I am looking forward to being with my Sis in the not too distant future.




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